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Another classic VW T1 splitscreen for sale.

We do the work and you do the driving.

✓ Body on restoration
✓ Media blasting of body, chassis and suspension
✓ Etching primer and urethane primer
✓ Two-tone paint, 2k paint system, base coat and clear coat
✓ Full interior and engine bay respray
✓ New window rubbers, door seals, windscreen wipers
✓ New chrome or stainless steel round wing mirrors
✓ Refurbished bumpers fitted, painted
✓ New windscreen wipers and windscreen washer
✓ New door handles and chrome fittings
✓ 100 % rust free, welded when necessary
✓ Fully restored
✓ New bushes and other rubber components
✓ Media blasting of chassis and suspension
✓ Filler finish or color coded
✓ Gloss or satin black finish on all suspension
✓ And other running gear parts
✓ Underside to be sealed and wax treated
Engine, Gearbox, Steering, Brakes, etc:
✓ 1600cc twin port engine with single carb and electronic ignition
✓ Gearbox and reduction boxes fully restored
✓ Gear change mechanism with new bushes and in as factory condition
✓ Heat exchangers, heater controls and engine tinware all in place
Front Suspension:
✓ Can be fitted with 4″ ajustable drop spindles to allow ride height change
✓ Front disc brakes optional and new breakpads for all corners
✓ Fully refurbished wiring with new loom fitted
✓ New or fully restored headlights
Wheels and tyres:
✓ New set of whitewall tyres and a choice hub caps
Restoration or Campervan Conversion Price on Request
Safari Windows Price on Request
Power Steering Price on Request
Disc Brake Conversion Price on Request
Banded Wheels Price on Request
1600cc engine with twin carburation Price on Request
Roof Rack Price on Request
Deluxe Exterior Trim Price on Request
Stainless Steel Bumpers Price on Request
Leather Trim Upholstery Price on Request
Imported from Central, South and North America and Europe
Ocean freight Included for US and Europe
Light restoration time 90 days
Import duty and vat DDP (Delivery Duty Paid)
NOVA cleared Yes
MOT One year MOT Included
DVLA registration Included
Ready to drive Yes
Lead time for delivery from 120 days